Engaging children through informative storytelling

Ms Nusha Dakshyni developed a profound love for reading, writing and art from a young age.

Over the years, she worked on her passion to become an author and illustrator.

Last December, the 23-year-old co-founded Nush Nook – a publishing house dedicated to crafting interactive storybooks for children.

She has since been using the Instagram platform to share her art and writing with the world.

Reflecting on her journey, Nusha, who is pursuing a degree in sociology, said: “I’ve always found solace and joy in reading, writing and creating art.

“Initially, I began by sharing my artwork and poetry on Instagram, drawn by the platform’s ability to connect with a wide audience. It was during my time as a teacher that I discovered my passion for working with young children and nurturing their curiosity through art and language.”

Teaming up with her partner Naveen David, Nusha embarked on the ambitious task of turning her passion project into a thriving business.

While her creative talents flowed effortlessly into the writing and illustrating process, she acknowledges the challenges of navigating the business side of things.

“Managing the business aspects can be daunting,” she said. “But I’m grateful for Naveen’s support and expertise. Together, we’ve learnt and grown, laying the foundation for Nush Nooks to flourish.”

As the creative force behind Nush Nooks, Nusha is driven by a desire to inspire and instil moral values in children through her storytelling.

Central to this mission is the innovative Vocab-Pro feature, designed to expand young readers’ vocabulary and comprehension skills.

“Exposure to a rich vocabulary while growing up enriched my own imagination,” Nusha explained. “I wanted to offer the same experience to children, providing definitions for advanced words within the pages of our books.”

Nusha envisions Nush Nooks as more than just a publishing house. She wants it to be a platform for creativity, learning and community.

“Children are naturally curious,” she said, “and I believe in nurturing that curiosity through engaging and informative storytelling.”

“Beyond the books, our Instagram page (@nush.nook) serves as a hub for interaction and engagement.

“In the long run, we aim to expand our offerings to include art and writing workshops, providing children and parents with opportunities to explore their creative potential together.”


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