Old denims, new items

We all love denims for various reasons. In an age when denims are available even in athleisure styles, it is hard to resist buying a new pair.

Try these DIY tips to transform your old denims into something useful and trendy - so you don't feel guilty while buying a new pair.

From coasters to toys to wall arts, you can do a lot with your old pair of jeans.

Mr Samresh Das, design manager at Numero Uno in India, suggests a few simple things you can try at home:

Pouch Cut out the back pocket of your old denim jeans. Then cut strips of denim from other parts of the jeans and sew them on to the sides of the pocket to make a bag.

Glue buttons or flowers and your pocket pouch is ready. You can use it as a phone holder too. Floor mat From different shades of old denims, cut out rectangular strips and sew them together with coloured thread to make a mat.

Then fray the sides of the mat. To give it a grip, paste the mat on some old fabric that will make it stiff. Tote bag Cut the legs off the jeans and sew together the remaining parts where typically the zipper ends.

From the excess leg part, cut out suitable lengths to make straps and attach them to the side of your bag.

You can even use odd colours or patterned fabric to make the straps more vibrant.

Make-up pouch Cut out two rectangular denim patches and attach the upper parts with a zipper. Sew the bottom parts and sides to make a pouch.

Once everything is stitched together, fray the sides using tweezers.

You can decorate your make-up pouch with buttons, threads and coloured stones.

Dream catcher Cut out feather-shaped denim scraps and glue coloured threads to them to make the mid-rib of a leaf. Then fray the denims from both sides.

Once you have a few of the leaves ready, hang them on a wired circle, old frame or sticks. Your denim protective talisman is ready.

Vase cover Pull out your old pair of jeans and cut out the legs below the crotch area. Now you have two legs.

Measure the diameter, height and shape of the vase.

Check if the legs are of the same size as the vase.

Pass them through the vase from the bottom and chop off the extra length from the top leaving a little margin.

Then roll down the opening a bit to make it look like a pair of denim worn by a vase.

If the vase is bigger, open both legs of the jeans from one of the side seams and stitch them together to achieve the right height, diameter and shape.

Leave a few centimetres at the top before chopping the extra length and roll it down to create a drape. Your vase will definitely look cooler.

Indo-Asian News Service