Avocado taco chaat

This is an Indo-Mexican fusion recipe, perfect for a weekend party.

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 15 minutes Serves: 4 Ingredients: Taco shells: 4; avocado: 2; red kidney beans (rajma): 1/2 cup (cooked); onion: 1; tomato: 1; chaat masala: 2 generous pinches; red chilli powder: to taste; salt: 2 pinches; potato: 1 (boiled); green chutney: to taste; sweet chutney: to taste; sev (crunchy noodles): to garnish

Method: 1) Soak 1/4 cup red kidney beans for 10 hours or overnight and pressure cook this for six whistles and drain the water. 2) This will yield 1/2 cup of cooked beans. 3) Chop one onion and one tomato finely. Cut one boiled potato into cubes. Cut two avocados into cubes. 4) Arrange the cooked red kidney beans and the cut onion, tomato, potato and avocado in a wide bowl. 5) Sprinkle chaat masala, red chilli powder, salt, green chutney and sweet chutney on top of this. This step is subject to your taste. 6) You can add red chutney instead of red chilli powder. 7) Mix well. Garnish with sev. 8) Bake the taco shells for three minutes or according to the instructions on the package. Fill the tacos with the avocado chaat and serve immediately. Notes: a) Chickpeas (chole) can be used to make this avocado taco chaat. b) Use ripe avocados, but they should not be too mushy. The avocado should hold its shape when you cut it.


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