Instant mango nei appam


Kerala is known for its scrumptious feasts. Nei appam (ghee pancake) is a must in Vishu (New Year) sadhya. It is also considered Lord Krishna's favourite dish and given as devotional offering in temples.

Nei appam is mildly sweet. Preparation with fresh mangoes gives it an incredible taste.

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Cooking time: 25 minutes

Makes: 14 nei appams

Ingredients Rice flour: 1/2 cup Wheat flour: 1 tbsp Powdered jaggery: 3 tbsp Mango puree: 1 cup Milk: 2-3 tbsp Salt: A pinch Ghee-roasted coconut bits: 3 tbsp Ghee: 3tbsp

Method: 1) Place ½ cup rice flour, 1 tbsp wheat flour, 1 cup mango puree and 3 tbsp jaggery in a mixie jar. I used Alphonso mango puree. If you are using fresh mango, take two small, ripe ones. 2) Adjust jaggery according to your taste. 3) Grind everything into a paste. There is no need to add water - the jaggery and mango will provide enough water. 4) Once the paste is done, transfer it to a bowl. 5) Add 2-3 tbsp milk to adjust the consistency. I used raw milk. You can use boiled, cooled milk too. 6) Add a pinch of salt and 3 tbsp ghee-roasted coconut bits. Mix well. 7) Heat appe pan (shallow pan with round, cup-like holes) and add 2-3 tbsp ghee on each hole. 8) Pour the batter into all the holes. 9) Cover and cook in medium flame. 10) Once done on one side, flip it gently. Cover and cook in low flame for 2 minutes. 11) Remove from the pan. Mango nei appams are ready.

Notes: a) Do not add cardamom powder as mango flavour will not be dominant. c) Instant mango nei appam stays soft even after six hours.

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