Roasted bell-pepper dip


Sweet, slightly smoky and a bit spicy.

This dip is a snap to make and you can serve it with kebabs and cutlets.

Ingredients: Red bell pepper: 1 Garlic: 2 cloves Bird's eye chilli (can also use ½ tsp red chilli powder): 1 Almonds: ¼ cup Lemon juice: 2 tsp Salt: To taste

Method: 1) Wash the red capsicum and pat it dry. 2) Roast it on an open flame till the outer skin becomes charred. 3) Allow this to cool. 4) Boil the almonds in water for five minutes. 5) Once it is cool, take out the skin. 6) Take out the charred parts of the bell pepper and remove the seeds. 7) Chop them roughly. 8) Blend the roasted capsicum, blanched almonds, garlic cloves and salt into a fine paste. 9) Add lemon juice while grinding. 10) You can add water if you feel it is too thick. 11) Roasted bell pepper dip is ready. 12) Keep it inside the refrigerator for 30 minutes and serve with kebabs or cutlets. 13) You can serve with cut carrots and cucumber as healthy evening snacks.

Notes: a) Instead of almonds, you can use cashewnut powder. b) This can be used as a sandwich spread too. c) Roasted bell-pepper dip serves as a salad dressing too. d) The colour of the roasted bell-pepper dip depends on the red bell pepper.

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