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Suriya rarely watches his own films

Tamil superstar Suriya has been in the film industry for more than two decades, yet he continues to be uneasy about his own work.

In fact, it is not easy for him to watch his own films.

"I sometimes shy away from watching my own films. There are times when I wait for 100 days after the film's release and then I watch it," he said.

Kajal returns to screen after marriage

Actress Kajal Aggarwal returns to the screen after her marriage with the horror series Live Telecast, which marks her OTT debut.

The seven-episode Tamil show, in which she plays a TV director, will release on Feb 12.

"As an actor, I am constantly looking for roles that challenge me and take me out of my comfort zone.

"Live Telecast did just that," Kajal said.

Kanika launches music label and new single

Singer Kanika Kapoor has released her new single under her own music label.

Titled Long Nights, the song is the first track under the label Kanika Kapoor Music.

It is influenced by the style of Surinder Kaur, a popular Punjabi folk singer.

"I love the balance and play between the vocals and modern music giving this song its soul and bounce," Kanika said. "I worked on this track during the lockdown."

Krishna rejected many bald roles

Actor Krishna Bharadwaj rose to fame portraying the title role in the TV show Tenali Rama, and his trademark bald look became so popular that he kept getting offers where he is expected to shave off his pate.

However, Krishna says he declined such offers to avoid getting typecast.

"I shall forever be grateful to this characterisation but I believe that one has to move on at some point," he said. "I would like to portray roles that are intense and modify my image of a cute boy next door."

Neha's ex-bandmates are her 'sisters'

Singer Neha Bhasin says she and her former Viva bandmates Pratichee Mohapatra, Mahua Kamat and Anushka Manchanda may have issues on and off, but she considers them her sisters.

"I guess the (Covid-19) lockdown was a reminder of where we were as humans and our love for each other will never end, they are my sisters whom I started my career with," she said. "I share history with them."

Pooja can't stop gushing about Telugu star Naresh

Pooja Jhaveri feels Telugu star Allari Naresh has great comic timing, and says that he can make people laugh even with a straight face.

The actress got a chance to work with him in the Telugu romantic drama Bangaru Bullodu.

"Naresh is a fantastic actor," she said.

"Working with him makes you work hard on your own timing to ensure that the comedy scene remains intact. He is also a good soul."


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