Natural hair oil

Coconut oil is nature's haircare miracle, offering many benefits.

While its numerous advantages are well known, here are its top five benefits that make coconut oil indispensable for hair health - according to Indian dermatologist and hair and wellness expert Aparna Santhanam: Natural and environmentally friendly

Coconut oil is natural, local, plentiful and perfectly suited to the hair's multi-faceted needs.

Ultimate protector No one does the job of shielding hair better than coconut oil. Living in a warm and sunny environment has its own set of problems for hair growth.

Exposure to the sun causes hair to lose moisture and shine, increasing dryness - but not when there's coconut oil to protect it.

A Research Gate study reveals that coconut oil seeps 10 layers deep into the hair shaft and forms a layer of protection that continually hydrates the hair. It also has antioxidant abilities to safeguard the hair from sun damage. Chemical damage from shampoos and other styling products, including heat damage, can be averted by applying coconut oil. Restores hair health Coconut oil rejuvenates hair follicles. Its fatty acids and vitamins go deep into the hair to moisturise and hydrate the follicles.

Scalp saviour Humidity and extreme climatic changes are not friends to our scalp. With abundant antifungal and antibacterial properties, coconut oil has the ability to prevent and treat multiple scalp issues, including dandruff, dryness and other infections.

It also efficiently removes sebum build-up, a critical factor causing greasiness in the scalp and hair.

Removes frizz Frizz generally happens when the harsh chemicals in some shampoos deplete the hair of its natural moisture.

During the drying process, moisture is sucked out, especially in humid climates, leading to frizzy hair. Applying a few drops of coconut oil to freshly washed, damp hair ensures that the moisture stays locked in and hair stays frizz-free.

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