Salman offers 'something new' in Radhe

Salman Khan promises fans he will not repeat what he has done before in his new film Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai.

The action thriller is the superstar's Eid bonanza and will be released digitally on Zee pay-per-view in India today.

The Bollywood star, who is also a producer of the film, is candid enough to say that he will lose money on Radhe and, with apology to theatre owners, adds that he plans to re-release the film on the big screen once normalcy returns after the Covid-19 explosion in India.

"You can expect something new. You can expect something different from Tiger, Dabangg, Bodyguard, Wanted (his previous films)," said Salman.

"It is a new film. We will not repeat what we have done before.

"See and tell me what's new, apart from me. I am the same old Salman that you have been seeing since Maine Pyar Kiya."

With the Covid-19 pandemic paralysing the cinema business in India, the film will primarily reach out to fans in the country through Zee's pay-per-view release.

"It was important to release the film at a time like this because people are suffering due to the pandemic," said Salman.

"Incomes have reduced for many, so now, instead of spending a lot of money on tickets at the cinemas, people can watch it at a much cheaper rate at home.

"I want to provide some entertainment to people at a grim time like this."

Salman's films create a new record at the box office every year, but there will be no such landmark this Eid.

Referring to people who judge his stardom based on the box-office numbers, Salman said: "We will get the lowest numbers out of Radhe. We may not even cross Rs15 crore ($271,000). Whoever wants to be happy with the lowest number, can be.

"Some people will be happy with my highest numbers and some with my lowest. We will lose money on Radhe and box-office collections are going to be almost zero, but we are still going ahead with (releasing) Radhe."

He feels that this is the right time to release the film.

"I apologise to all the theatre owners that we are doing this film now but it is the right thing to do," he said.

"The intention was to release as soon as the pandemic is over, but it doesn't seem to get over.

"Now the film is releasing on OTT, abroad and in 25 theatres that are open here (in India). Once the theatres open, even after doing this OTT release, if they (audience) like the film, they will want to go and see the film in theatres.

"Also, there is a particular audience that does not watch stuff on OTT. We will do a release in the theatres as well."

Salman, famous for his no-kissing policy on screen, also revealed that he got creative in Radhe when he kissed Disha Patani, his partner in the film who is headstrong but has a soft heart, with duct tape on her mouth.

In the trailer of the film, the kissing scene between the pair is played out entirely in silhouette.

Some attentive fans took a screen grab, increased the brightness and pointed out on Twitter that it was a camera trick. This was confirmed by Salman.

"There is a kiss in this movie. It is not with Disha but with a tape," he said, maintaining that he will not change his policy.

"Maybe next time (in upcoming films) you will see a mota parda (thick curtain) in between me and the heroine but I am not breaking the no-kissing policy on screen," he said.

Directed by Prabhudeva, Radhe also stars Jackie Shroff and Randeep Hooda in pivotal roles. Salman plays a cop on a mission to rid Mumbai of its drug menace.

Salman also cracked a joke about his 27-year age difference with Disha in real life.

Praising her performance, the 55-year-old star said: "She has done wonderful work in the film. She looks very beautiful. We appear to be of the same age too. No, she did not look my age, I looked like hers."

Disha, despite having worked with Salman in the film Bharat, told a leading Indian daily that she was initially intimidated by him.

"I was working with the biggest star of the country but as (the) shoot started and we were on the sets for a couple of days I realised that he is very easy-going," she said.

"Salman is very chill on the set, we had so much fun being together. He is very humble and a very giving actor."

Indo-Asian News Service

"You can expect something new. You can expect something different... It is a new film. We will not repeat what we have done before."

- Salman Khan


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