School girl's creativity takes flight


Ananya Cabral has always enjoyed penning her thoughts, mostly in a personal notebook. Her whole life changed when her brother suggested that she write a book.

In December last year, she started giving it a shot. And, between school work and other activities, she finished Secrets of the Unnamed Island in June this year.

The book is now available on Amazon as an e-book - with a hard copy option.

"Initially it felt like a distant dream to publish my own book," said the 14-year-old, a Secondary 2 student at Commonwealth Secondary School. "However, as I did more research, I realised that it could become a reality and I felt more and more determined to write a book.

"Once I started writing, the story and ideas seemed to come to me naturally."

Secrets of the Unnamed Island is a fantasy-adventure. It tells the story of Amara, a 12-year old girl, who runs away from home because she is constantly nagged by her parents.

She takes her dog Licky along. He sniffs a gorgeous flower and, as Amara reaches out to touch it, she enters a whole new world. She discovers many secrets that changes her life forever.

"An interesting fact is that there is not much personal experience in the book," said Ananya. "I have allowed my creativity to take wings and thankfully it flowed well."

Much of the ideas and inspiration for the storyline did not come while Ananya was sitting in front of her computer screen. She got most of them when out exercising, usually jogging in a nature park.

"The surrounding greenery and fresh air helped my creativity flow better," she said. "Another inspiration was my dream of actually having a physical copy of my book in my hand. I thought it would be amazing to see my name on a book that I myself have written. This was what kept me going."

Ananya, who has loved writing, especially school compositions, since young, plans to write more books in future.

"With my incredibly strong passion for writing, I will indeed let my imagination flow and continue writing," she said. "It takes a lot of resilience to write an entire book and I hope I will continue to have this perseverance.

"I am really glad that I have experienced this journey. I have learnt valuable lessons through this. For example, I had no idea that writing a book was such a long journey and so much effort had to be put getting it to completion.

"This has really made me appreciate more the joy that books bring."


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