Handy resealable bags

The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us the importance of time management and the need to use multi-utility products to better organise our lives.

High-quality resealable bags are a recent innovation for a hassle-free daily existence. These bags have caused a significant revolution in kitchens and are suitable for keeping items organised and in one location.

Resealable bags are a godsend for work-from-home couples and nuclear families who need to make their food preparations last longer and eat healthier, especially since they must balance meal preparations with work or other household responsibilities. The bags can also be reused.

Japan's No. 1 premium wrap and silicone-coated foil and sheet brand Asahi Kasei's senior marketing manager in India, Luve Oberoi, suggests ways in which resealable bags can be used: Store one week's meal: Prepare food for a week and store them in resealable bags by labelling them with the designated day and type. This can make your week less stressful and save you time on last-minute preparations.

If any of the meals contain curry, the leak-proof double seal technology prevents it from spilling. Keep leafy vegetables fresh longer: Leafy vegetables, such as coriander, mint, spinach and spring onion generally get spoilt even when refrigerated.

To keep them fresh longer, dry them by leaving them open in a room on a piece of paper. Then put them in a resealable bag and place it in the refrigerator.

The innovative resealable bag traps moisture and keeps the leafy greens fresh and in good condition for a long time. Smoothie preparation: Health-conscious individuals who enjoy daily smoothies can use resealable bags to keep chopped fruits fresh for an extended time.

The fruit combinations, as well as the day and meal time, can be pasted on the label. You do not have to chop fresh fruits every day. Store marinated meat: Even when frozen, it is difficult for non-vegetarians to keep meat fresh for a long time.

Specialised resealable bags not only keep the meat fresh but also the kitchen smelling fresh by locking in the odour. Streamline the freezer: Save freezer space by keeping food in resealable bags instead of stacking them in hard, plastic containers.

Because these double-line bags are leak-proof, you can use them to store soups as well - just don't put anything heavy on top before they set.

While the resealable bag appears to be a simple household item, it can be used for a variety of purposes. Savouries, dry fruits, curries, purees and even marinated meat can be stored in them and labelled.

They also make snacking on the go easier and less clumsy. You can also refrigerate leftover food in the bags and store dry spice powders and even medicines in them.

Indo-Asian News Service


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