Face yoga reduces tension

We live in a world where we are constantly occupied with either work, daily chores or new technology and therefore we fail to make time for ourselves.

The importance of self-care and mental and physical well-being is highly undermined.

In the continuous mission to age gracefully and radiate a feeling of internal harmony, many individuals are looking for a natural, reasonable choice that will help them look and feel good.

Face yoga is a natural choice. It includes massage and activities that stimulate the muscles, skin and lymphatic framework.

This procedure is intended to relax and loosen face muscles and help get rid of tension, stress and worry.

Face yoga is also beneficial in improving sleep at night.

Mr Aditya Arya, co-founder of Uttar Pradesh-based tech enabled beauty and wellness platform Yes Madam, shares tips on the different forms of face yoga which you can practise anywhere: lPressing and folding carry fresh blood and oxygen to the skin, which will give a healthy glow. lRubbing and lifting tones up and makes the front neck muscles firm, while twists firm the side of the face and release neck pressure. lSlower yoga that includes holding poses for increased periods improves the tone of facial muscles. This includes hatha, yin or supportive yoga. Simple facial yoga:lClose your fists and push your thumbs towards your eyes in a circular motion. This massage helps get rid of dark circles and releases stress. lThe simple exercise of blinking helps in improving vision. lLifting the chin with the thumbs helps get rid of double chin. Cheek squeezing also improves blood circulation. This is one of the easy ways to maintain firm skin. lPlacing the index fingers on either side of the nose next to the corner of the inner eye helps in getting better sleep.

Daily facial yoga harmonises our connection to facial expressions, movements, muscles and nerves.

It is painless compared to surgery, which temporarily makes fine lines and wrinkles disappear.

This method gives you the benefits of a facelift without any chemicals injected into your skin.

Though achieving results is slow, it provides long-lasting effects.

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