Smart gadgets ease work complications

Leveraging technology in tandem with changes in workplace structure can boost productivity.

But it is critical to strike a balance between work and life.

This is not easy for many people to achieve.

Indian company Zinq Technologies founder Arnav Mutneja suggests how gadgets can help one cope with responsibilities: Cooling pad: Many people are concerned about their laptops overheating and causing skin damage. This can be alleviated by using a cooling pad.

A cooling pad blows air through the device, preventing the laptop from overheating, and keeps you comfortable while you work all day. Webcam: A webcam allows you to watch your children while you are at work. It also provides continuous connectivity, allowing you to respond to your children's needs immediately.

This device allows you to work from anywhere in the world and at any time of the day. It saves you from long commute times and expensive roaming charges. Wireless earphones: These help you multitask and manage phone calls or household chores while on the go.

The wireless earphones also have features such as noise cancellation and Bluetooth. Spill-resistant keyboard: This device has a special coating that protects it from spills, such as coffee. Its ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use and simple to clean.

If you have children at home, this keyboard is a must-have.

Personal meeting monitor: Your work-from-home schedule most likely involves video conferences.

Instead of using a poor-quality camera and a slow-running computer, opt for the personal meeting monitor. It is designed specifically for video calls and helps you spend more time on tasks that are important.

Smart standing desk: Perhaps one of the simplest and most effective ways to improve your remote work productivity is adjusting your positioning when you work.

The smart standing desk includes sensors that report how much time you spend sitting or standing in a day. It even reminds you to take a break, breathe and have a snack.

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