Kangana showcases seven unique looks in Dhaakad

RRR to be dubbed into 50 languages for global audience

PEN India's Jayantilal Gada, who holds the Hindi, digital and satellite rights of the movie RRR, is thrilled with its box-office performance - made on a Rs200 crore budget, the multi-lingual film netted Rs665 crores as at April 13.

"RRR has created history," he said.

"We have sold the Hindi digital rights to Netflix and that of the four South Indian languages to Zee5. The Hindi satellite rights rest with Zee Cinema and that of the four South languages with Star Network.

"It is the first Indian film to be dubbed in at least 50 languages across the world, after which it will be released on satellite and digital networks."

Kangana showcases seven unique looks in Dhaakad

Kangana Ranaut will sport seven different looks in the action film Dhaakad, slated for release on May 20.

The 35-year-old actress, who performs multiple action sequences as Agent Agni, is seen in different hairstyles too.

"A new action star is on the rise with Dhaakad. Each of Kangana's looks is unique," said director Razneesh Ghai.

Shriya shares secret to success

Actress Shriya Pilgaonkar, whose parents are veteran actors Sachin and Supriya, says her parents taught her to focus on her craft rather than indulge in the debate on nepotism.

"One of the most important things they taught me was that the life of an artiste is filled with uncertainty," she said.

"Talent alone won't get you success, fame and stardom. It is a combination of talent, opportunity and luck."

Falling for best friend a mystery to Anya

Anya Singh, lead actress in the Web series Never Kiss Your Best Friend: Season 2, said the blurred line between friendship and love with a best friend remains a mystery to her.

"Honestly, I do not know how this happens," she said.

"Love has many shades... but we never know when the spark happens."

Dancing is Sharvari's preferred workout

Sharvari Wagh says that she would rather dance as a form of workout than hit the gym.

"It makes me the happiest," said the actress.

"We have some very talented dancers in India and I connect with them through Instagram to do workshops. I believe in learning new dance forms and challenging myself by trying to learn different styles.

"Currently I am learning Kathak and freestyle hip hop almost every other day.

"I have converted a small room in my house into a dance studio.

"I can't wait to have my own iconic Bollywood dance numbers one day. That's my end goal."

Pandian slams Tamil heroes for drawing exorbitant salaries

Producer and actor Arun Pandian has come down hard on Tamil film heroes for taking exorbitant salaries.

"If they (heroes) take 90 per cent (of production costs) as their salaries, how can one make films?" he asked.

"I strongly condemn this practice. When we made films, only 10 per cent went to salaries and 90 to making the film. Only if this is practised can we compete with other language films."

Asha praying for son's recovery in Dubai hospital

Misfortune continues to plague renowned singer Asha Bhosle.

The 88-year-old's only surviving child, son Anand, is hospitalised in Dubai.

A family member told Bollywood Hungama: "Asha has taken Anand's sudden illness very badly.

"He is her only surviving progeny and she is very attached to him.

"She is also very close to Anand's daughter Zanai. The family is praying for Anand's recovery."

Asha's daughter Varsha committed suicide in 2012 while her elder son Hemant, a promising music director, died of cancer in 2015. Both incidents happened when Asha was in Singapore for concerts.


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