Beethoven Museum moves Amjad Ali Khan to tears

Beethoven Museum moves Amjad Ali Khan to tears

Iconic musician Amjad Ali Khan believes that museums are important in keeping India's heritage alive for future generations.

The sarod maestro, who converted his ancestral house in Gwalior into a museum dedicated to Indian music, said:

"In our country, the museum culture is still not happening as much as it is in the Western world, especially for musicians.

"When I visited the Beethoven Museum (in Bonn, Germany) with my wife and saw how Beethoven's first piano and all his used things were preserved so nicely, it left me teary-eyed.

"We, too, have music greats in our country... why not preserve our music heritage?"

Aamir fancies himself getting a chance in IPL

Bollywood star Aamir Khan has been giving a glimpse of his life on social media.

After sharing photos of himself having mangoes with son Azad, he has now shared a video of him playing cricket, presumably on his office terrace.

As he hits the ball for a boundary, the actor asks his teammates: "Do I have a chance in IPL (Indian Premier League)?"

His ever-supportive team gave the affirmative, leaving the actor smiling.

Vedaant wants to make a name for himself

Actor R. Madhavan's son Vedaant, who won the 800m freestyle gold at the Danish Open in Copenhagen recently, said on Doordarshan India that he wanted to make a name for himself and not live in his dad's shadow. He also spoke of the sacrifices his parents have made for him and added that they always look after him.

Madhavan and his family moved to Dubai last year to give Vedaant access to better practice facilities.

Kasthuri hits back at trolls, praises common sense in sarcasm

Actress Kasthuri Shankar has hit back at those who trolled her for complaining about frequent power cuts in Chennai.

She tweeted: "Stupid Sheeple. Yes, I don't have inverter in my home. I didn't have one in the US either. Is it because I'm poor?

"Chennai, I pay tax and bill but no metrowater. Instead of questioning government failure to supply water, electricity, you troll people to buy can water and UPS.

"Long live common sense."

Sidharth, Kiara share cryptic posts amid break-up rumours

As talks about the split between Sidharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani gain momentum, the Bollywood couple shared cryptic posts on social media.

Sidharth posted a stunning photo of himself from his recent work trip in Turkey on Instagram and wrote: "A day without sunshine is like, you know, night - Steve Martin."

Meanwhile, Kiara posted a picture of herself from a photo shoot in a garden with the caption: "Plant smiles, grow laughter, harvest love."

Sources told IANS that Sidharth and Kiara have broken up, although the couple had never confirmed if they were dating.

Gopinath completes Jiivi 2 script in two days

Director V.J. Gopinath, whose 2019 Tamil movie Jiivi won raving reviews from both audiences and film critics alike, has completed the script of the sequel - in just two days.

He said Jiivi 2 starts right from where the first part ended and will retain all the key elements. The makers have also retained all the lead actors including Rohini and Karunakaran.

Tendulkar's daughter set to make Bollywood debut

Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar's daughter Sara is already a celebrity with massive fan following on social media.

The 24-year-old, however, is said to be interested in taking up acting as a career.

Bollywood Life reported that she is set to make her Bollywood debut soon and her parents are supportive.


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