Future Speaks: Your horoscope for the week


Use your resources wisely. Improve your productivity and finish pending projects. Traders may have to travel. Enhance your organisational goals and get rid of employees who are having a bad effect on you.


Your competitive spirit will be strong and you'll overtake your rivals. You may get the chance to work for a different company that offers better benefits. Property or land investments will yield high returns.


Reflect on your past mistakes and develop a fresh plan for the future. Although your competitive spirit will be strong, stay away from conflict with your rivals. Old problems might resurface and make things worse.


Be more organised and it will help you advance professionally. Entrepreneurs are likely to secure new projects and more income. Travelling will increase revenues.


Be self-assured and brave and you'll get the outcomes you want. It's a good time to launch your own business. Don't try to impress others and concentrate on the task at hand.


Seniors will appreciate and recognise your effort. Treat your possessions with special care. Avoid travel because it will cause you stress.


Rivals might annoy you. Avoid engaging in office gossip and confrontations. Your desire to change jobs will intensify but avoid making rash decisions.


Try to complete outstanding projects. It is an excellent time to start your own business. There might be ego problems with your spouse.


You'll defeat your opponents. There may be conflicts with co-workers and an increase in workload. You may get unexpected bills.


Steer clear of rigidity and haste. You may be asked to head a significant project. Singles may find love.


You might be asked for input to finish a significant assignment. Your standing among colleagues will improve. Spend money on home improvement and maintenance.


Work with more vigour and you will advance in your career. Indulge in your interests. Your health will be excellent.


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