Future Speaks: Your horoscope for the week


You will get several opportunities to attain your goal. Take your time before making a decision. Go for a health examination if you experience respiratory issues.


Keep communication channels open. Maintain a low profile. Study important documents thoroughly before signing them.


Expect career advancement and growth. Improve your networking skills. Control your temper.


You may have to put in a lot of work to get the desired result. Be more flexible. Stay competitive.


Good time to invest in real estate. Spend time with your loved ones. Take steps to prevent viral infections.


Spend money on friends or travel. You may become overburdened with obligations. Keep your ego in check.


You are likely to receive a promotion or pay hike. Make modest investments. Your capacity for management and leadership will grow. Short business trips will benefit you. Scorpio

There will be overseas gains. Avoid making major investments. Refrain from borrowing or lending money.


Sharpen your communication skills. You will experience the success you have been longing for. The government will offer you assistance in securing a job.


You will make a ton of money and earn a good reputation. You may have to travel abroad for work. Keep a regular exercise schedule.


Be patient and approach problems gently. Favourable time for investments. Stay realistic.


Sharpen your attention and control your stress level. The cost of living is likely to skyrocket. Those in business will gain from collaboration.


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