Tips for effective waxing at home

The most effective and long-lasting form of hair removal from the body is waxing.

But Mr Rayed Merchant, founder of Biosoft, which offers premium Italian waxing solutions, says "waxing requires proper technique to produce the greatest results".

"There's no worry when getting waxed by a professional but you need to exercise a little more caution when waxing at home," he said.

Here are common waxing mistakes people make: Prep the skin Get your skin ready for a smooth wax by getting rid of grime, sweat or filth with a damp towel or tissue. Pre-wax creams or gels will keep the skin hydrated. Also apply talcum powder for a smooth and close hair removal experience. Use the right amount of wax All you need is a very thin layer of wax. If you apply a lot of wax, the hair will come out patchy and there will be waxy residue.

Get the right temperature The temperature of the wax directly correlates to how effectively the hair is removed.

Wax that is too cold will lump and not adhere effectively to the skin. If the wax is too hot, you run the risk of burning your skin.

Bring the wax to room temperature before applying. Make sure the texture is easy to apply and has a caramel-like consistency.

Avoid wax on open wounds You shouldn't apply wax over any cuts. The damaged area of the skin will worsen when hot wax is pulled out.

Be swift when waxing There's the misconception that it is less painful to remove the wax strip slowly. But it's important to pull out the strip swiftly and effectively - the pain will then be minimum and the hair will be properly removed.

Indo-Asian News Service


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