Use circuit breaker as ice breaker

Staying together in a house for long hours due to the Covid-19 circuit-breaker measures can lead to problems in relationships.

Experts believe that many couples are likely to squabble and the divorce rate will go up.

Mr Rahul Krishnan, co-founder of Bold Care, a Mumbai-based digital men's wellness platform, says that couples should utilise this time to rejuvenate themselves and their relationships.

He suggests a few ways for them to best utilise this period.

Find balance The greatest friction during quarantine occurs when one partner or both are anxious. The balance of power shifts when you're both working from home.

Remember to be patient and accommodating. To keep things pleasant in the long term, create a work schedule.

During working hours, treat your partner just like you would treat your colleagues. When work hours are over, remember you are at home with your loved ones.

Being able to distinguish your role through the day is a habit that goes a long way in strengthening relationships.

Make time for yourself Being in constant contact with the same person leads to frustration and irritation for both.

Making time for yourself is important. It helps you decompress and process your emotions.

Take a little longer with your bath and grooming. Read a new book, re-read old favourites or listen to a podcast.

Spending time alone could be as simple as lying down, with no compulsion to make small talk.

Exercise is a good way to be alone while also keeping yourself in shape. The endorphin rush that your body experiences during exercise is a great mood booster.

Stretches and floor exercises are a good way to start. If you are missing your gym sessions, try exercises that use your own body weight - such as push-ups, pull-ups, squats and planks.

Household items, such as bags of flour and backpacks, can be used as weights. If you have space, there are plenty of dance routines you can try.

Reconnect with your partner The lockdown opens up possibilities for greater intimacy. Take this opportunity to reconnect with your partner.

Unplug social media for a while and talk to each other. Check out your partner's feelings and fears.

Make a work-at-home schedule so that you can spend more time together.

Board games are great at bringing people together. Some people enjoy the mental intricacies of chess and Scrabble. Others prefer the simplicity of ludo, and snakes and ladders.

Lend a helping hand This is the best time to collaborate on chores. Be willing to do new tasks to the best of your abilities and be mindful of what needs to be completed.

Even a small attempt on your part will go a long way in easing both your workloads.

Doing chores together can become a productive way to spend quality time.

Living in a big household Couples living in a big household may have difficulty finding their own space. They should go for a walk or find other ways to spend time together. They could also use their phones to keep conversations going and try out new ways to be intimate.

Mend your relationship For couples in strained relationships, this lockdown is a good time to talk things out. Social distancing sparks an "us against the coronavirus" instinct which is great for relationships.

Focus on getting through this with both your mental and physical health intact.

Co-existing, being kind and extending compassion can heal rifts. If you have children, spend time doing simple activities that they enjoy.

Make time to talk about their feelings and troubles and remember to give them their own space and privacy.

Staying connected to family Video calls can make everyone feel connected. Keep in touch through messages.

But also remember that if you feel stressed, you're allowed to take a break from social media.

Mute notifications on apps when you need some peace and quiet, and change your status to indicate that you're taking time off.

Always keep your phone handy in case of emergencies.

Locked down and away from each other Many couples have been separated and stuck in different cities. This is always difficult and stressful.

Recreate the initial days of your relationship with intimate texts and long phone calls. Distance gives us newer perspectives and opportunities to explore intimacy.

Analyse your role in your relationships and see how you can better meet your partner's needs and expectations.

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