Corona car to drive home lockdown message

A giant coronavirus is roaming the streets of Hyderabad, propelled by a 100cc engine and an inventor trying to drive home the message that people should stay indoors as the pandemic sweeps across India.

Mr Sudhakar Yadav's wacky single-seater - made of fluorescent-green fibre and complete with the red crown-like spikes of the virus - has been racking up the kilometres in the tech hub. "People are not scared and are still on the streets despite the clear danger," said Mr Yadav, 67, who runs a printing business.

"My message through the car art is to make them understand that it is dangerous to be out on the streets and the safest place right now is the home."

Mr Yadav has been designing quirky art pieces for almost five decades. He has also taken motorbike engines, encased them in cigarette and condom-shaped fibre frames, and driven them around Hyderabad to raise awareness about cancer and safe sex.


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இந்தச் செய்திகளையும் படிக்கலாமே!