Fugitive godman wants 100,000 people to settle in 'Kailasa'

A year after he supposedly founded his own Hindu sovereign nation "Kailasa", rape-accused Indian self-styled godman Nithyananda has now begun issuing special three-day visas for tourists.

Visa holders will have to travel from Australia on a newly launched chartered flight service called "Garuda", Nithyananda said in a recent video. But they will be allowed to stay for "not more than three days" in the "island nation".

The island nation has also created an e-mail ID through which visitors can apply for the visa.

The visitors will be provided with free food and accommodation. His organisation will cover the air fare from Australia to Kailasa, he added.

"I am planning for at least 100,000 people to settle in #KAILASA," he announced last Friday, on the occasion of International Migrants Day.

"Migration due to globalisation advances communication, transportation should be encouraged. But migration due to man-made calamity needs to be addressed," he said.

Four months ago, he had announced the setting up of a Reserve Bank in his self-declared country and had drafted a 300-page economic policy, which laid down Kailasa's financial strategy.

Kailasa is the name of Nithyananda's "nation" of which he is the self-appointed "prime minister".

It has been in existence since November last year when Nithyananda fled India after failing to appear in over 50 court hearings.

It is not clear where Kailasa is. Earlier, it was believed to be near Ecuador.

But now it is suspected to be close to Australia, perhaps near Vanuatu in the South Pacific Ocean.

According to its official website, kailaasa.org, Kailasa has been founded by a group of "dispossessed people who lost the right to practise Hinduism authentically in their own countries".

The website declared Kailasa to be the "world's greatest and purest Hindu nation". The nation, which is yet to be recognised by any other country, has its own flag, passport, emblem, national animal, national bird, national flower and tree.

Its three official languages are English, Sanskrit and Tamil.

In a separate video, Nithyananda said he does not want to return to India as he has received assassination threats.

The self-styled godman said he had to withdraw from Indian society after multiple assassination attempts, including mob lynching.

Nithyananda has been accused of rape, kidnapping, torture of a 19-year-old woman, and confining minors in his ashram illegally.

Last year, he was also booked after a couple from Tamil Nadu accused him of abducting their children and keeping them in his ashram.

The Karnataka High Court in February 2019 issued a non-bailable warrant against him in a 2010 rape case, where he allegedly sexually assaulted a former disciple.

After eight long years of legal struggle, the in-camera trial proceedings finally began in 2018.

The International Criminal Police Organisation (Interpol) in January issued a Blue Corner Notice, asking nations to help locate him.

Indo-Asian News Service


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