Man suffers heart attack after wife elopes with girlfriend

A man suffered a heart attack after his wife eloped with her girlfriend just a day after their wedding.

The incident came to light on Nov 1 when the police caught the 23-year-old woman and her girlfriend in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, after a six-day investigation.

Her husband had reported her missing on Oct 25 and the woman was taken back to her family in Pazhuvil, near Cherpu in Kerala's Thrissur district.

The woman told the police that she wanted to run away with her girlfriend before her wedding but waited for the ceremony to be completed so that she could get hold of the gold jewellery that her parents gave.

Her husband, a native of Chavakkad in Thrissur who was shocked by the incident and had to undergo angioplasty, is stable, The New Indian Express reported.

According to local media, on Oct 25, a day after their wedding, the couple were at a bank in Cherpu in the morning when the woman took the mobile phone from her husband and promised to return in a while after visiting her friend. She then drove away in a two-wheeler and never returned.

The police said the husband waited at the bank until 5pm and later filed a complaint.

The police investigation revealed that the woman, along with her girlfriend, had booked a train ticket to Chennai from Thrissur on the day. But the duo instead travelled to Kottayam, a city in Kerala, by bus and boarded the train to Chennai the next day.

From Chennai, the two women went to Madurai and stayed in a hotel there.

They spent a day there but later returned to Thrissur as they realised that they had to shift the two-wheeler they had parked at the railway station.

They then rode the two-wheeler to Ernakulam, about 75km away, parked it at the railway station and took a train to Madurai.

Their plan was to work in a textile shop and settle down in Madurai.

Interestingly, the police probe, led by Inspector T.V. Shibu, also revealed that the woman's girlfriend was also newly married and chose to elope after taking the gold jewellery she received from her parents for the wedding.


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