A tea as strong as Zelensky

A company in India's main tea-producing Assam region has launched a new "strong" blend called "Zelenskyy" to honour the Ukrainian president who has been standing defiant in the face of Russia's onslaught on his country.

Mr Ranjit Barua, director of Aromatic Tea, told the Press Trust Of India that the brand was launched on Wednesday.

"The basic idea is to honour the valour and courage of the Ukrainian president who rejected the United States' offer to escape the war-torn Ukraine. Zelensky said he needed ammunition, not need a free ride. This shows his character," he said.

On the package, the producer describes the tea as "really strong".

"The character and strength this person has is in my tea. It is a strong Assam black tea," said Mr Barua.

The "Zelenskyy" blend is a handcrafted orthodox tea that has gone through the crush, tear, curl (CTC) process - a new technique in which black tea leaves are run through a series of cylindrical rollers.

The CTC, Mr Barua said, "gives the punch, while the orthodox tea gives the flavor after drinking".



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