Her breast milk fed 1,400 babies

A 29-year-old Coimbatore woman donated 42 litres of breast milk collected over seven months which fed 1,400 babies.

Engineering graduate T. Sindhu Monica started donating her breast milk to the Tamil Nadu government's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Coimbatore in July last year on the 100th day of her daughter's birth. She completed her feat in April this year.

Last week, her achievement made it to the Asian and Indian Book Of Records.

"I thank my husband, who is my backbone," she told Times Of India.

Ms Monica and her husband Maheshwaran, an assistant professor at an engineering college in Coimbatore, have an 18-month-old daughter Venba.

"Apart from feeding my child, I started collecting the breast milk and stored it as per the instructions by Roopa Selvanayaki of the NGO Amirtham," said Ms Monica.

"The NGO collected the milk each week and gave it to the breast milk bank in Coimbatore."

Ms Selvanayaki told Times Of India she started the initiative two years ago to feed ailing newborn children in government hospitals.

"Now, we have about 50 women enrolled and more than 30 are actively donating breast milk," she said.

The donated breast milk is fed to newborns whose mothers died or are unable to feed them.

"Breast milk can lower infant mortality and improve health in premature and immuno-compromised infants," said Ms Monica.

"Breast milk donation is as important as blood donation and organ donation."

There are 70 breast milk banks in India, 45 of them in Tamil Nadu.

Indo-Asian News Service

"I thank my husband, who is my backbone." - Ms T. Sindhu Monica


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