Influencer ‘thrashed’ for saying vada pav is ‘trash’

India is shaped by its food culture, which consists of delectable street food.

From pani puri to aloo tikki to momos, every region has its own variety. For instance, Delhi cannot get enough of aloo tikki.

The vada pav is Mumbai’s own.

Buttery soft buns sandwiching a crispy potato bonda along with spicy and savoury chutneys make for a delicious street-style snack. It is so popular that residents enjoy this speciality during breakfast, lunch, or at any time of the day.

But a city-based influencer created discord recently when she called vada pav “trash”.

Ms Sakshi Shivdasani, an Instagram content creator with more than 400,000 followers, said on the show Having Said That: “Vada Pav is trash. I hate vada pav from the bottom of my heart.”

She explained the reason: “There’s no way you think boiled potato and bread makes sense.”

The host of the show mentioned that potatoes are first boiled and then fried and served on a pav. Eventually, a chutney is added. The influencer then declared that adding chutney is not “unique” to the snack.

Ms Shivdasani concluded that she considers samosa pav better than vada pav.

Since being uploaded, the video has amassed more than two million views and over 47,000 likes.

A user agreed with the content creator and said: “Same same same! I hate it too.”

Another said: “Factzz. It’s so mid.”

But her comments also drew considerable criticism.

“Cancel culture needs to cancel her for this,” said a user. “Hating on popular things will not make you cool”.

Another person said: “She will hate vada pav and then she’ll pay Rs500 for some hash browns with ketchup in a so-called ‘aesthetic’ cafe.”

She also got trolled by another person: “Chutney inside vadapav is (a trillion) times better than your accent.”

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