Mum of four launches skincare for Asians

Singaporean entrepreneur Daisy Morgan owns six nightclubs in Singapore. But it is the beauty and skincare business that has always attracted her.

In 2004, she opened a beauty salon in Singapore and expanded to Chennai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad in India in 2008.

Today, the 43-year-old will launch her skincare brand 9Skin in Kuala Lumpur, flanked byalong with South Indian star Nayanthara, 38, and her director husband Vignesh Shivan, both 38.

“During my stay in India, I had the privilege of meeting celebrities, models and journalists,” said Ms Morgan, a single mother of four.

“I became friends with Nayanthara and Shivan, and we realised we shared the same goals and aspirations, so we decided to set up 9Skin.

“Our relationship is rooted in authenticity and I’ve always maintained my own credibility. The same goes for our business connection.”

9Skin combines modern science, ayurvedic ingredients and nanotechnology in its products, which include face oil and anti-ageing cream. Priced between $15 and $50, the five skincare products that will be launched are containedcome in packaging designed by Nayanthara.

Ms Morgan said she had made a foray into the skincare business before making a name in the nightlife industry.

“Following my divorce, I decided to make a significant change in my life,” she said.

“I was relatively unknown in the skincare industry, so I steppedset foot into the vibrant world of nightlife. I became the pioneering Indian woman behind one of the most popular clubs in Singapore.

“My journey into skincare stemmed from personal struggles with acne, pigmentation and other skin issues. I discovered ingredients that not only worked wonders for my own skin but also proved to be highly effective for individuals with melanin-rich skin, particularly those with Asian backgrounds. This fuelled my passion for skincare.”

Ms Morgan attended courses to learn more about formulating skincare products and contacted chemists to formulate skincare products suitable for the Asian skin.

9Skin specialises in meeting the skincare needs of predominantly Asian skin, with a particular focus on serving the Indian and Malay communities.

“Given our darker skin tones, it is often challenging to find skincare products that meet our needs, like the many Korean products out there which may not yield the desired results for us,” said Ms Morgan.

“I am driven by the vision to make 9Skin a solution that not only addresses these concerns but also simplifies the skincare routines of individuals with melanin-rich skin.”

More than 160,000 units – or about half of the 9Skin products – have been pre-ordered, said Ms Morgan, who now lives in Malaysia.

The bulk of the orders are from Singapore, Malaysia, India, Britain and the United Arab Emirates.

9Skin products will be available at Jothi Store in Little India and online (

“I am excited about my new business even though it’s tough juggling motherhood and work,” said Ms Morgan.

“My children remain my top priority. At home, I make it a point to cook for them.

“When I have to be away for work, I rely on a network of trusted friends who graciously step in to help care for my kids. I also have nannies who ensure that my children receive care and attention.

“I will be relocating to India as there is an abundance of career opportunities for me there.”

“I became friends with Nayanthara and Shivan, and we realised we shared the same goals and aspirations, so we decided to set up 9Skin.”
Ms Daisy Morgan

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