Singapore to have 7 long weekends in 2023

Rules to tackle online harm to be tolled out as early as 2023 Social media firms will be held to greater account to users here as Singapore looks...

1 in 5 citizens is 65 years and older

Singapore's population is ageing rapidly, with the proportion of citizens aged 65 and above increasing to 18.4 per cent in 2022. This is a...

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(Above) A North Indian couple can find only maida in a ninimart. (Right) Pillsbury chakki atta is almost impossible to find in Singapore. PHOTOS: TABLA, ARIFFIN JAMAR

'We can't live without Indian atta'

V.K. SANTOSH KUMAR The festive season has begun and Ms Nancy Bhargava is in a fix. The housewife, who hails from New Delhi, does not have enough...

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Man arrested for in-flight bomb hoax

Passengers on Singapore Airlines flight SQ33, which was delayed after a bomb hoax, remained calm even as fighter jets escorted the Airbus A350-941 to...

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Betha Garba open to public

V.K. SANTOSH KUMAR Singapore Gujarati Society (SGS), which has been organising Navratri celebrations since 1956, will for the first time hold the...