Salute to migrant workers


Singapore Sports School celebrated National Day in a meaningful way.

About 450 student-athletes watched videos for a week to enhance their understanding of Singapore's history and then participated in school-wide National Day celebrations from their classrooms on Aug 7.

The programme included an online learning journey that took them through the lives of migrant workers - particularly the challenges and struggles faced by those from Bangladesh.

The student-athletes then embarked on a project called Dhan'yabada, which means "Thank You" in Bengali.

They wrote appreciation notes to the workers and made picture frames with ice-cream sticks.

Said Shan Anandan, 16, who is attached to the Sports School's Track and Field Academy and is a Secondary 4 student: "This year's celebrations were very interesting and different from previous National Day celebrations at the school.

"The learning journey moved me. It felt good to include migrant workers in our celebrations as they have played an important part in nation-building.

"As many of them are going through a difficult time now and are unable to see their families, my letter to them includes my moral support and appreciation."

The picture frames and "Thank You" notes were packed in the care packs that were delivered to about 350 migrant workers living at the former Innova Junior College on Aug 7.

The project was led by student-athletes who are in Year 1 of their International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme as part of their Creativity, Activity, Service project.

Dakshinnaah Paalu, 17, from the Track and Field Academy who was part of the team that put together the care packs, said: "Before planning the project, we tried to understand the needs of the migrant workers so that we could prepare care packs which are useful to them.

"Given the current situation, it was challenging for the team to buy items in bulk from shops.

"We received donations in cash and kind from parents and staff. I am glad that we could do a small part in giving back. This project has definitely made this year's National Day extra meaningful and memorable."

Each care pack had food items, toiletries and towels.

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