Popular entertainer Vadi back with a blast


In a bid to keep his artistic skills alive, S. Vadivazhagan, 49, has made a comeback to the entertainment industry.

And this Pongal is a happy occasion for him as he has again managed to become a hit with the audiences.

Popularly known as Vadi, he quit the industry in 2012 to study law as he wanted to help people in need. After his graduation, he pursued a career in the legal service and is currently on sabbatical leave.

He had made a name for himself with his comic acting and by hosting infotainment and talk shows.

"I had a guilty feeling that I did not feed the artiste living within me. I did not want the artiste to die," he said.

"After a seven-year break, I'm back in the entertainment scene full of energy and ideas."

He is currently acting in the TV drama Singa Airlines and his new talk show Vadi, Ready, Vedi is a hit with the Tamil community.

Vedi literally means blast. He is also part of the TV drama series Romeo and Juliet which premiered on Jan 6.

His wife, popular classical dance trainer Vickneshwari, has been his biggest strength. "She quietly supports me in my artistic pursuit," said Vadi.

"I want to focus on producing creative works and for that the mind has to be clear. I need to be relaxed.

"The entertainment industry has evolved over the years. Technology too has grown exponentially. People are not only watching shows on television, but also on smartphones and YouTube and share them on social media platforms."

"This technological disruption has posed many challenges as well as created opportunities because the shows can be seen by people in Malaysia as well."

Vadi had previously starred in comedy shows such as Power to the Kiduga, Kaanbom Karpom, Amali Thumali, Planet Galatta and Thool.

"Many people in Singapore and Malaysia wanted me to return to acting," he said.

"Many youngsters have grown up watching me on TV. I want to do shows that will continue to impress them."

Vadi believes comedy is the best medium to keep them engaged.

"It helps deliver a message as well as making them laugh," he said. "This is a strong platform which can be used to educate youths on social issues."



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