Doing Singapore proud


Representing Singapore in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) secretariat's traditional music ensemble C asean Consonant is no mean feat.

Mr Niranjan Pandian (right) has been doing it for the past five years.

The 27-year-old flautist has been regularly performing with musicians from 10 South-east Asian countries. He is featured in the music video Asean as One, which was specially created for this year's Asean Day (Aug 8) celebrations.

Mr Niranjan said it was the second time he has played for the Asean Day celebrations.

"I have played for many Asean-related shows," he said.

"In the past, we played live. This time I had to record my segment in Singapore a week before and send it to the music director and production team. They pieced the various parts together."

According to Mr Niranjan, live shows cause some stress, but the challenges end on the day of the performance.

Whereas, a virtual music video production poses other unique challenges.

"This time my efforts were very production-based," he said.

"The recording needed good sound quality. For that, I had to get a room with good acoustics. I also had to film the visuals at a good location."

Mr Niranjan said he is proud to represent Singapore on the international stage.

He also played the flute for the opening and closing songs in Indian music composer Dayanand Piraisudan's new album, A Daya Musical.

The first song, Edho Ennil Oorum, was released by actor Vishal on Aug 19 and the last song, Siragudhan, by actress Riythvika on Aug 31 - both on social media platforms.

Mr Niranjan was the only Singaporean artiste involved in this project.

His friend Anjan Rajkumar, a singer, introduced him to the composer.

Mr Niranjan also provided the flute content for Malayalam music director Jafriz R's recent song for Onam titled Theyyam Tharo/Chekkeladikkum Munpe.

"With Covid-19, it is difficult to be part of music performances and events," said Mr Niranjan.

"I am using this time to venture on to the online space and be involved in more overseas projects."

Mr Niranjan's musical efforts can be found on his website


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