Matchmaking with a modern feel


Hectic work schedules have curbed the social life of young Indians in Singapore.

Not many get the opportunity to meet new people.

The Covid-19 pandemic has added to their woes as they are unable to venture out and interact.

Popular dating sites too don't often deliver a suitable match from a similar background.

Mrs Anitha Praveen was intent on changing that situation.

In July, the 32-year-old research scientist in a healthcare tech start-up, started a matchmaking platform called matchboxsgi ( on Instagram and Facebook.

The free service has now attracted more than 100 males and females.

Those who register have to furnish personal details and answer questions about their idea of a relationship and marriage.

They are then connected to potential matches by the administration team. Once the pair agree to get to know each other better, they are linked through a Telegram chat.

"We value our users' privacy and do not disclose important details like their mobile numbers," said Mrs Anitha. "This service is targeted at Indians in Singapore who are looking for a life partner."

She emphasised that it is a "serious" platform and meant for those who do not wish to go through the traditional matchmaking process involving parents.

Her team members are always available if the couple encounter problems.

Mrs Anitha is currently exploring the possibility of restaurants offering discounted packages for her members to date and dine over a meal.

She is also open to sponsors and partners as that will help her expand her service.

When Ms S. Monica Saranya came across matchboxsgi on Instagram, her interest was sparked. But she was worried as it had only a few followers.

After considerable research and conversations with users, she finally signed up for the service last month. Since then she has found three matches.

"On other dating sites, you find users who are not keen on a serious relationship," said Ms Monica, 27, who sells haircare products online.

"In matchboxsgi I find they are a bit more serious as they have to answer 30 questions about themselves."

She likes the service as it focuses more on a person's character rather than looks.

Mr J. Prem Anaand, a 32-year-old engineer, signed up for matchboxsgi after friends recommended it.

"They said it is ideal for those who have delayed their marriage plans to achieve financial stability," he said.

"Without parents' involvement, you get to openly speak to a prospective life partner.

"The matched profiles are also closely aligned to your liking."

The platform is yet to record a marriage between its users.

But Mrs Anitha believes it is only a matter of time.


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