Girl, 6, breaks memory record

Six-year-old Ishani Shanmugam has broken the national record for most digits of pi memorised by reciting 1,560 decimal places of the mathematical constant.

She beat memory trainers Sancy Suraj - who held the previous record with 1,505 digits in 2018 - and Wellon Chou - who was the record holder in 2013 with 1,380 digits - to secure a spot in the Singapore Book of Records.

In September last year, Ishani, who attends PCF Sparkletots, could recite 409 digits of pi.

But she told her parents she wanted to learn more digits.

Her father, Mr Shanmugam V.S., 42, a tech manager in an investment bank, said he and his wife, Ms Vennila Munusamy, 36, started her training in April by introducing a few new digits each day.

"We're really proud of her. We didn't expect her to get it on the first try as she had to get every single digit correct. After she broke the record, we shed some happy tears," he said.

Ms Vennila said she and her husband realised Ishani had an exceptional memory and a hunger for learning when she was two.


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