Students enact courtroom scenes at Law Summit

The GIIS Interact Club recently hosted the GIIS Law Summit, which is a real-life simulation of a courtroom for students to hone their public speaking skills and broaden their understanding of courtroom proceedings.

The summit featured four cases and two press agencies and was open to students from Grades 8 to 12. The event started with a ceremony featuring Mr Joseph Tan, managing partner at JLex LLC.

A mock case was then presented for everyone to familiarise themselves with the procedures and regulations, after which the cases officially opened.

The participants actively engaged in arguments and presented their points well.

On the second day, the cases continued, with all the participants putting forth their best arguments, while the judges observed the proceedings.

The various press conferences made the sessions more interesting as the press delegates questioned the lawyers and jurors on their statements.

On the final day, the jury presented their verdict. The participants then played a game of superlatives and watched a dance performance by the GIIS Dance Club.

The summit concluded with the judges giving out various awards, including those for best lawyer, best juror and best press article.

from Global Indian International School


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