Fairy tale on ocean issues


Aanya Garg loves reading books, especially fantasy works.

This habit has helped shape her imagination and motivation to write a book of her own.

"I have read more than 80 books on fantasy," said the eight-year-old.

"I thought since I read so many books, why shouldn't I write one too.

"A story came to my mind and I quickly wrote it down. I shared the story with my mother. She liked it and motivated me to continue writing it."

Her imagination and effort led to the publication of her first book Icy Magic - Ocean Fairies by Pharos Books on Nov 26 last year.

The 36-pager is part of an eight-book series which tells the story of twins who accidentally meet a fairy trapped in a bottle.

The sisters save the fairy's life and they become friends. They then help other fairies find their magical shells stolen by a mean squawker named Fireblast.

"Each book is an adventure story on the recovery of one shell," said Aanya, a Grade 3 student at St Joseph's Institution International.

"Each book describes the problem caused by the misuse of a shell and how the girls help the fairies save the ocean and get their shells back.

"With this story I want to take my audience to the magical world of fairies and give them an adventure ride packed with information on ocean problems and marine animals."

The book is purely fiction and aimed at children between the ages of five and eight.

"In my school, I have written stories as a part of our curriculum. But those were just casual write-ups," said Aanya, a Singapore permanent resident who was born in India.

"They did help me understand the writing process and how an author should think."

Many people helped her in publishing the book, including her mother who found an editor, illustrator and publisher.

The positive feedback that Aanya has received from friends and family has given her the encouragement to bring out the sequels soon.

"I do enjoy writing but I think I enjoy reading books more," said Aanya, whose other hobbies are painting and swimming.

"But, with all the appreciation I am receiving, I feel motivated to write more."

Her next two books are scheduled to release next month.

Icy Magic - Ocean Fairies is available for purchase on online platforms such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble and at Kinokuniya bookstore.


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