Work-life balance more important than salary

A sense of fulfilment and work-life balance matter more than salary when picking a job, said respondents to a survey by mental health advocacy organisation Silver Ribbon (Singapore).

These findings were announced at the 2nd Silver Ribbon Mental Health Awards Ceremony for Employers on Thursday, which was held virtually.

The online survey, which was launched on March 21, also found that 63 per cent of respondents felt moderately stressed at their workplaces, while another 28 per cent reported high stress levels.

Thirty-six per cent of respondents attributed their stress to problems at work, in contrast to 5 per cent who said it was due to non-work problems. Fifty-nine per cent said their stress was a combination of both sorts of problems.

About 535 people responded to the non-scientific survey, which was shared on the social media platforms of Silver Ribbon (Singapore).

Commenting on the findings at the awards ceremony, Ms Ellen Lee, president of Silver Ribbon (Singapore), said: "Times have changed and having an attractive salary is no longer the only reason for wanting to stay in a job.

"We feel that it will be very helpful for employers and employees to come together and work things out so that they will better understand each other's needs and expectations."

The Straits Times


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