Students flex debating skills


Students from Grades 7 to 10 showcased their debating prowess at the Model United Nations (MUN) organised by the GIIS East Coast Campus.

They discussed interesting topics at the June 8 and 9 event.

The annual MUN event simulates the United Nations sessions and gives the participating students an opportunity to play the role of delegates to discuss and find solutions to numerous world issues.

The students had to do in-depth research on the countries they were representing before the event.

They shared their viewpoints, discussed various crisis situations and finally united to create a resolution, a document that contains the fruit of their efforts.

All the participating students had valuable takeaways from the event. They learnt to speak concisely, convey their ideas effectively, express various viewpoints and find solutions to difficult situations.

The participants were also excited that the event was conducted in person.

The event concluded with an awards ceremony during which the students were presented with titles such as Best Delegate and Best Debater. There were also Best Position Paper award and honorary mentions.

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