Honouring educators on Teachers' Day

GIIS SMART Campus' primary and secondary students celebrated Teachers' Day on Sept 2.

They showed gratitude to their teachers for guiding them through difficult times, especially during the pandemic, and ensuring they thrived.

The secondary students organised an event centred on Heartfelt Gratitude. The idea was conceived by the 20-member Student Council and the show performed by 50 students in the presence of more than 100 teachers from the Secondary Campus.

Dressed in blue - to represent strength and reliability - the students put up a show that included songs, dances, quiz and a flash mob sequence.

The students coordinated and planned the event for two weeks, making personalised calligraphy cards containing a quote that reflected on what the teachers had done for them. The cards were presented to the teachers at the start of the event.

The students also made a humorous video in which they presented the day-to-day challenges the teachers put up with.

During the Would You Rather quiz, the teachers gave everyone a glimpse into their lives. The light-hearted questions and witty answers were a great source of entertainment, giving the teachers an opportunity to let loose and have fun.

The primary students too expressed their gratitude to their teachers. They organised a special assembly and showcased their creativity and talent in a skit and dance.

To make the day even more special, the primary Student Council members came dressed as their teachers.

This brought smiles from the teachers, who participated in games such as antakshari and musical chairs.

The students presented their teachers with beautiful cards they created.

from Global Indian International School


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