S'pore music conductor awarded Acharya Ratna


Mrs Lalitha Vaidyanathan, the founding director and music conductor at Singapore Indian Orchestra and Choir (SIOC), has become the first Singaporean to receive the prestigious Acharya Ratna award.

Handed out by the Academy of Indian Music and Arts (AIMA), which was founded in 1984 by legendary musician T.V. Gopalakrishnan, the award honours Indian classical musicians who serve the art selflessly and tirelessly to leave a significant mark.

Mrs Vaidyanathan received the award from Dr Gopalakrishnan, 90, on Sept 17 in Chennai (right) for her significant contributions to the Indian art in Singapore through SIOC and propagating the beauty of Indian music globally via SIOC's international tours.

"The award is a recognition of almost four decades of tireless service to music and spreading the love and appreciation of Indian music in the community," she said.

"I feel extremely humbled to receive the award and such recognition make my journey more fulfilling.

"I feel very proud that I was able to place Singapore on the global map of Acharya Ratna awardees and help the world see how we are continuing to nurture the art in Singapore while bringing unique Singapore flavours to attract global audiences."

SIOC is a 37-year-old performing arts group and one of the world's largest semi-professional groups showcasing the richness of Indian music with its wide range of traditional and contemporary repertoire.

Under the baton of Mrs Vaidyanathan, it has redefined the boundaries of Indian music through exciting collaborations with leading local and international composers as well as bringing the multiracial cultural vibrancy that Singapore is known for to the local audience.

Despite Covid-19 constraints, SIOC has kept its audience engagement intact through many interesting shows.

In early-2021, it launched a five-part series Panchamam on its digital channel. In November that year, it performed a full-length concert Athma Ghanam at Esplanade.

Early this year, SIOC released a three-part digital series, Trilogy, in commemoration of the Tamil Language Festival. SIOC also collaborated with the Indian Heritage Centre to release a dance-and-music production to celebrate Tamil New Year.

Just in August, SIOC collaborated with Bollywood music directors Salim-Sulaiman to perform at the sold-out Aashayein show at Esplanade.

SIOC will also perform at the Esplanade's Kala Utsavam next month.

"SIOC is now operating as an independent performing arts company and looks forward to expanding the horizons of its music contributions through both local and international stage performances and digital channels," said Mrs Vaidyanathan.


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