Singaporean woman, 33, killed in go-kart accident in Batam

A Singaporean woman was killed in a go-kart accident in Batam on Wednesday, a day after she turned 33.

The Indonesian police are investigating the incident, which occurred at Golden City Go Kart in Bengkong at around 3.30pm local time (4.30pm Singapore time).

Indonesia police identified the victim as Ms Arini Mohamed Adinan.

Police Commissioner Zahwani Pandra Arsyad, the head of public relations of the regional police in the Riau Islands, told The Straits Times that Ms Arini’s go-kart was going at a high speed before hitting a barrier lined with tyres.

“Witnesses saw the victim in a go-kart with the number 14 and driving two laps around the track,” he said. “She was speeding, and her go-kart hit the barrier in the circuit.”

The impact of the crash caused her helmet to be thrown off.

A worker at the site immediately approached the victim, and he saw strands of the woman’s hair caught in one of the rear wheels of the go-kart.

Mr Zahwani said: “The victim has long hair to her waist. Some of her hair was pulled from her scalp.”

The woman was immediately taken to a nearby clinic, where she was pronounced dead.

Mr Zahwani added the police are investigating and will take action against those who are found to be negligent.

The body of the victim is being repatriated back to Singapore, said Mr Md Akbar Jalit, the managing director Md Akbar International Islamic Casket, who is handling the repatriation and funeral rites.

The funeral was expected to be held last evening.


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