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Aries Expect a rise in income. The time is right to buy a house. You may suffer from stomach issues. Learn something new.

Taurus Control your expenses. Meditation will help increase your logical ability. Spend quality time with friends. Gemini

You will have to deal with a heavier workload and greater responsibility. Spend time with family. Avoid giving financial assistance to a close relative. Cancer Improve your multitasking skills. Your domestic atmosphere will be jovial. Avoid eating restaurant food. Leo Multiple issues are likely to impact your life. Do not react to what others say. Take time out with friends and family. Virgo Invest wisely with a long-term perspective. Avoid trading in stocks. Work on new plans. Drive carefully. Libra Invest after seeking the advice of experienced people. Colleagues may not support you. Plan a short trip with close friends and family.


It is a good time to make financial transactions. Focus more on the needs of other household members. Take part in sports activities. Capitalise on opportunities.

Sagittarius Go on a trip abroad. Do not fall prey to promises. Exercise regularly. Avoid shortcuts. Yoga can relieve stress. Capricorn Those who are employed may face a cash crunch. Consult your family members before moving ahead with any big decision. Seek medical help if you have indigestion, joint pain or headaches. Aquarius Your financial status will improve. Remain calm while making decisions. Speak to your seniors directly. Eat healthy and nutritious food. Pisces Strengthen your finances with strategic investments. Take care of your belongings. Expect consistent profits. Your energy level will be high.


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