Mobile radiation damages skin

Everything in the 21st century is easy-access, whether it is buying show tickets or finding a place to crash for a weekend getaway.

But with the ease of information comes something scary - radiation.

The blue light that emanates from our digital devices can cause damage to our eyes and skin.

Mobile phones and laptops have one thing in common: antenna, which connects the device to the signal tower. But it emits radiation that harms the skin.

Ms Namrata Bajaj, co-founder of Indian company Tatsa, explains how this happens and suggests remedies:

Skin discolouration

Radiation from electronic devices penetrates the skin, causing itchiness and dryness, which leads to skin discolouration.

Premature ageing

Such radiation creates tanning beds on the skin.

Overexposure to UV rays harms the inner layer of tissues, causing them to lose elasticity. This leads to premature ageing and other side effects. Breakout

A breakout or acne happens when a hair follicle or pore gets clogged with dead skin cells due to radiation.

The pore's contents later make their way up to the skin's surface, resulting in whitehead, blackhead or other forms of acne.

The skin eventually loses its lustre and becomes sensitive. Dark spots

Radiation causes an irritating skin condition which eventually results in dark spots on the surface. Solutions lGo out and allow fresh air to heal the skin naturally.

lDrink lots of water as it provides protection from penetrating gamma rays.

lWash your face regularly, paying attention to the areas around your eyes - this washes away harmful radiation.

lUse a face cream as your daily moisturiser to protect your skin from radiation.

lReduce the amount of time you spend in front of a computer screen. Don't use your handphone during bedtime.

lText, use an earphone or a Bluetooth, especially for longer conversations.

lCarry your handphone face with the front facing your body. The back part of the phone usually houses the antenna. By keeping the antenna away from the body, you create a distance differential that partially reduces radiation to the body.

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