NTU president shares insights into tech use

Mr Subra Suresh, president and distinguished university professor at Nanyang Technological University, visited the GIIS SMART Campus on Nov 9 and gave a talk on Learning Technology and Humanity.

He shared with the secondary students valuable tips on the rapid pace of technology and its impact on humanity.

The Leadership Lecture Series included a panel discussion that brought together students from GIIS SMART Campus Singapore, who attended in person, and their GIIS peers who attended virtually from Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur and India.

During the session, the students got the chance to interact with Mr Suresh, asking him questions about his life experiences and and career as well as his thoughts on the future of education and the importance of students' holistic development.

It was a great learning experience for the students as they got in-depth knowledge about the pros and cons of technology and how tech trends are affecting education, learning and sustainability.

Mr Suresh said most children around the world were dependent on online education during the pandemic but only half of them had access to the Internet.

He also said that technology opens doors and a school like GIIS should make maximum use of it for advancement in education.

Mr Suresh had three tips to help young learners cope with challenges and be future-ready: learn to think rationally and quantitatively, learn to think in the face of uncertainty and use technology effectively.

Global Schools Foundation (GSF) chairman and co-founder Atul Temurnikar spoke about the school's emphasis on students' holistic growth. He said the all-around success of the school's alumni was closely linked with the 9 Gems holistic framework that the GSF schools had implemented over the years.

He added that Mr Suresh's visit was another attempt by the school to give valuable experiential learning to help the students become leaders of future generations.

from Global Indian International School


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