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correcting unsatisfactory Tamil translations.
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Does your Tamil text appear gibberish once it is uploaded online?

Are there errors in the work that you have received from other translation companies?

Does your target audience have problems understanding the terms
that you have used in your messaging?

Many businesses struggle with the same issues and we hear you!
We are here to help!
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We understand that well-crafted sentences and words can have great meaning, this is why
our dedicated translation team at SPH are meticulous in keeping translations (English to Tamil) free
from errors with no distortion to the original intent.

By working with us, you can ensure your intended messaging gets across to your target audience accurately.

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Being the official and only vernacular Tamil Language paper in Singapore since 1935, we hold
ourselves to the highest Tamil translation service standards and with intimate knowledge of local
context and settings, will tailor copy to perfectly suit your target audience.

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