Coffee with a kick

Irrespective of what your mood is, nothing is as revitalising as a perfect cup of coffee.

Although sometimes it does manage to hit all the right notes, a few tweaks can make your cup of coffee more tasteful.

Mr Bharat Sethi, founder of India's Rage Coffee, suggests ways to better savour your coffee:

Take it with a pinch of salt

Pioneered in the United States decades ago, adding a pinch of salt to your cup of coffee helps offset the bitterness.

The sodium content also enhances the flavour of the coffee.

Add coffee cubes

To make cold coffee, ice cubes from the freezer are not the solution.

These will make your coffee watery.

The best way is to freeze coffee in the ice tray and use it in place of regular ice cubes.

Water matters

It's always best to use bottled or filtered water to get a clean-tasting cup of coffee.

Use a drink frother

To give your cup of coffee a warm, comforting layer of foam, use a drink frother.

It's a compact, easy-to-use tool that can make a sizable difference.

Try different sweeteners and milk

Any cup of coffee can be brought to life with the right sweetener. You can try palm sugar, honey, jaggery or cinnamon.

Milk, such as oat, soya and almond, can also enhance the taste. You can even add a sliver of butter to your coffee.

Chocolate fix

If you don't want to add a lot of sweetness, a dash of unsweetened cocoa powder will do the trick.

You can also drizzle a little chocolate syrup to your cup of coffee to give it a rich flavour.

Power up with protein

If you have fitness goals or want to add a protein supplement to your routine, you can create your own coffee-flavoured protein shake. This way you stay on track with your fitness routine and simultaneously get your caffeine fix.

Store coffee properly

This will ensure that the taste of your coffee remains consistent. So, always ensure that your coffee is stored in a cool and dry place.

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