Navel oiling and its benefits

The navel provides the essence of life and growth. It supplies nutrition, blood and oxygen to babies in the womb. Even for adults, it is one of the key points of sustenance and growth.

Oiling the navel benefits the entire body, including the skin. It is a tradition described in the Vedas and Ayurveda.

The belly button has been medically proven to be related to various veins throughout the body and oiling it can help heal a variety of ailments.

Ms Preeti Chadha, founder of the Indian company Iremia Skincare, explains why it is important to oil the belly button: Benefits It can help correct, balance and repair neural connections. What to use People commonly use mustard, cow ghee or coconut oil. But these are ineffective due to their lack of ayurvedic qualities.

Navel massage should be done with an oil that contains extracts of neem, tea, lemon, grape seed and almond.

It will help to detoxify the body and promote healthy and radiant skin. The navel absorbs oil quickly and provides sustenance from within. How to do it The procedure takes only two minutes. Pour oil over your belly and massage the area in a circular motion for 10 minutes.

For the best outcome, do it daily before going to bed or after bathing. Oiling at night will make you feel more relaxed when you wake up in the morning. Cleanses skin Massaging the belly button with an oil that contains coconut, mustard or rosemary will help remove bacteria and dirt.

It will also give a radiant complexion and healthier skin texture and gets rid of pollutants and blemishes.

It also lightens and protects the lips from chapping.

Therapeutic oils, such as neem, rose hip, coconut and lemon have extra potency. Improves eye health Oiling the belly button with a diluted solution containing mustard oil has been found to improve eye health.

It will improve poor vision and reduces the appearance of puffy eyes and dark circles.

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