Nice colours to work with

The culture of work from home will likely stay as many companies are allowing people to do so permanently.

In the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, many people used the sofa, kitchen cabinet or dining table as a temporary workplace. But, with this new normal, the need for a proper workplace has increased.

Colours impact our lives in many different ways. For an individual who works from home, the colour scheme on a cubicle or wall impacts productivity and mood.

Some colours, such as grey and dull white, induce sadness and depression. So, it is important to decorate the home-workplace with vibrant, stimulating hues that bring out positive vibes and increase output and creativity. Shades of Blue: These stimulate the mind and encourage productivity and focus and bring calmness. Refreshing white: This colour can make the mind stable and increase focus.

After painting the walls with this versatile colour, you can decorate the area with green plants and vibrant cushions which will give a comfortable feeling. Light yellow: This hue is the epitome of friendliness and happiness. Lighter shades of yellow keep the mood cheerful and give out friendly vibes.

Darker shades of yellow tend to be distracting, though. Natural green: Green not only soothes the eyes but also helps in increasing concentration and focus. It has a calming effect on the mind.

Powerful brown: Any shade of brown will encourage a sense of power and control while working. Controlling the feelings and focusing on the work is very important to be productive and a light brown or beige shade will work wonders.

Walls coloured with shades of brown result in an aesthetic experience and when paired with plants or pieces of decor give out positive vibes.

Indo-Asian News Service


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