Future Speaks: Your horoscope for the week


Expect great outcomes. Your inventiveness and spontaneity are likely to improve. Don't shy away from expressing yourself.


You will achieve your goals without much effort. You may inherit property or receive unexpected earnings. Some of you may buy a house or car.


You will complete any task you set out to do. Short excursions are advantageous. Don't be overconfident.


Excellent time to buy land or property. Your capacity to influence others will improve. Don't lend money to anyone. Watch your words.


Your confidence and self-belief will be high. You will think outside the box. Establish strategies and map out future goals.


You may have to spend more to live comfortably. Avoid arguing with colleagues. You may have to work longer hours.


Look for strategies to boost your revenue. Avoid impulsive purchases. A short journey is possible. Make new connections.


Communicate your feelings to those closest to you. You will have a new perspective on life. Your efforts are likely to yield better pay and position.


You will feel more optimistic, which will benefit your health and well-being. It is a good time to invest and multiply your holdings. Entrepreneurs can better negotiate agreements.


There might be an unexpected inheritance or investment returns. Business people will notice an increase in earnings. Work on your people skills.


You and your partner will have greater understanding and harmony. Your standard of living will improve. It is a good time for business people to start new projects.


There may be an increase in spending. Your hard work and effort at work will be rewarded. Do not quarrel or argue.


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