Students voice opinions on world issues

GIIS Conference 2019, held on Sept 23 and 24 at GIIS SMART Campus, evoked curiosity among students about current world issues.

One hundred and ninety students from Grade 6 to 8 put on their thinking caps to delve deeper into relevant matters.

The conference was planned on the lines of Model United Nations.

Twenty-five International Baccalaureate students volunteered to be part of the managing committee (MC) and handled the entire planning and execution. They also mentored their juniors.

The event opened with an inspiring speech by Ms K.P. Sheeja, the academic supervisor who emphasised the importance of student-led conferences.

A thrilling live-band performance followed, pepping up the mood of the participants.

Two MC members then addressed the session and narrated humorous anecdotes to break the ice and help the delegates ease their fear of public speaking.

Devansh Shah, the secretary-general of the MC, spoke about voicing one's opinions and making one's presence felt in the committee. He then declared the event open.

Eight committees were formed based on the various bodies of the United Nations. Each committee had two topics to discuss and the delegates were expected to pass a resolution on both by the end of the conference.

The first day was spent meeting other delegates and getting briefed by the MC members.

The second day began with committee sessions. All the delegates worked hard to pass the best resolution in a short time.

The MC members kept inspiring the delegates throughout. They gave extensive feedback to each delegate.

GIIS Conference 2019 was not just a platform for students to improve their public-speaking skills, diplomacy and quality of leadership, it was also an opportunity to make new friends.

The Social Night, when the participants mingled, was one of the highlights of the event. Awards were given out in different categories - Best Delegate, Outstanding Delegate, Honourable Mention, Best Position Paper and Verbal Commendations. The delegates felt immensely proud as they received their awards.

The conference was marked by intense debates and brainstorming and taught important lessons to the delegates. They learnt how intricate and complex international matters are and how to skilfully handle different opinions.

At the same time, they learnt to respect divergent perspectives.

It was a platform for young students to voice their opinions on global issues, discuss international problems and come up with creative solutions.

The two-day learning journey was an unforgettable experience for all participants and they emerged confident and knowledgeable at the end of it.

from Global Indian International School

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